Starting the Happy Planner?

      So for the past 3 years, I have been bullet journaling to keep my life somewhat organized. It’s versatile, creative, adaptive, and ACTUALLY HAD ME ORGANIZED. You need a month at a glance?  Draw it in! Todo list? YUP, you can add it. Shopping list? Scribble it in. Depressed and need to coast through life for 2 weeks? No worries, pages won’t be wasted because you don’t have to set them up! I watched so many youtubers use their journals creatively, that I took up that creative vibe! I started brush lettering, and spent way too much money on brush pens, Washi tape, and stickers. Like being able to get new pens and highlighters without the time crunch of back to school season???? I. WAS. AND. AM. THRIVING.

Psst. Elisabeth what’s the point of this post?



       Right. As much as I love bullet journaling, it’s time for something new. I could feel it in my bones, that change was coming. Also setting up my journal for the month started to be more of a chore than being fun, creative time. I decided on the Happy Planner! There are a ton of options, lots of add ins, stickers, and it was also on a pretty decent sale at Michael’s, so yay! It looks like the fun I wanna have while getting my life together.

Side note: I realize how sad that sounds just humor me 


      For specifics: I got the  18 month homestead themed planner. It has a vertical layout and a crap ton of botanical drawings. If you know me, you know botanicals are everything to me. The bare bones are there; Monthly layouts, weekly layouts, a year at a glance, and cute dividers. I also bought the budget add on because I’m a WRECK. I can still use all the bells and whistles that I fell in love with, it’s all just a little easier to maintain.


    Will I ever go back to Bullet Journalling? Probably! You can see from the first paragraph, I still love love love the bullet journal system, and the creativity you can put into it. I just got bored and life wasn’t as hectic so there wasn’t all the motivation to keep setting it up. One could also argue that if my life isn’t as hectic, why get a planner or happy planner. To that I say, this is my blog and planner so shut up 🙂  Do you still paper plan? Are you all digital now? Are you like the twilight vampires that don’t need to use brain power to keep their body going and can use that said brain power for flawless memory keeping? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Starting the Happy Planner?

  1. I’m about to make the leap into a Happy Planner (when it arrives on Friday!) I’ve been using a bullet journal for almost two years now and although it really helped me get organized I’m growing weary of having to create everything I want from scratch. I got the horizontal weekly layout because that’s what I draw most in my BuJo so I figured it would be the easiest transition. I hope yours is working out 🙂

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