Everyday Jewelry

Who ever came up with the idea for humans to decorate themselves with metal rings and then decorate those rings with pretty stones, please give them an award. When I was younger I used to make jewelry all the time. It wasn’t just the little friendship bracelet kits, or the plastic letter beads either. No ma’am I had a little set of jewelers tools from Michaels, I was working with metal wires, designing my own patterns, I even took orders from my family and let them pick out the beads they wanted. I still have one of the necklaces and wear it all the time. It’s little crystal beads and gunmetal colored pearls.

   All of this to say: I freaking love jewelry. I wanted to write a giant post about all the pieces of jewelry that I have, but I found the pieces I really wanted to write about are the ones that get daily use. So here we are.

My daily bracelet is this amazing cuff from Alex and Ani. I got it for my birthday last year from my parents and haven’t taken it off since (well for showers and water activities but you get the gist). I love the cuff design because it’s less annoying than their iconic bangles. I have many of them but I can wear this one to work and not have to take it off so it doesn’t rattle against my desk. The cuff has the Godspeed design, it’s decorated with feathers, little crescent moons and a few crystals that shift from orange to purple to white. It’s a really stunning piece and I love it a lot.

There are two pairs of earrings that I switch between. I don’t know what brand they are. All I know is that they don’t irritate my ears. The gold dream catcher like earrings I’ve had since I was a child. The silver hearts my dad got in New York when he was walking around Manhattan a few years ago.  Both pairs are beautiful, and match any outfit I wear. They’re big enough to stand out but also aren’t so eye catching that I have to reserve them for special events (thank god because I do not have any.)

It’s time to get all sappy writer, so please strap yourselves in and get all your snacks sorted before the ride commences because my rings mean the most to me. I’m pretty sure my rings capture who I am personality wise. I have an arrow ring, I’d like to think this one shows my wanderer trait. I can’t sit still, I’m always dreaming of going places. I can be sitting down but I promise you my mind isn’t there with me. Most people would be like, “wow please go to therapy for that last one.” Believe me I do, but sometimes it’s nice to dream. I have a ruby wrap ring I bought for myself for my 20th birthday. No, this isn’t a real ruby. Please show me a typical 20 year old that can actually afford one. I love what rubies stand for. It’s my birthstone; it represents passion and protection, it is the stone of nobility, and it’s BEAUTIFUL.


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