The Foundation Shake Up

Okay so picture this:

A young woman comfortably in the oily/greasy skin type lane. She loved setting power, she adored the Estee Lauder double wear and fenty pro matte. The whole dwey skin situation was a huge “wtf why is that a thing?”  Now add in age, the correct skin care, and laser hair removal of the facial area,and what do you get??? foundation that never failed, suddenly looks patchy and cakey, and generally an unhappy bean.

If you have never experienced skin changing skin types with the season, it’s a WILD ride. Your entire makeup arsenal is prepared to start matte and stay matte. Then the base comes out really cakey for no reason. And if you’re like me, it’s not even worth it to wear makeup because it’s going to not be good and if you don’t feel good then what’s the point???  This is the epitome of first world problems, but this whole situation got me feeling down for a while. I’m not a world class makeup artist,  BUT  I was proud of how my base  usually turned out. This entire sob story to say, yes I fugured out that my skin turned dry and yes,  I went to ulta right after work to get all of the dewy foundations everyone has been screaming about.

The cult classic L’Oréal pro glow foundation is still a little too dewy for me. I can use it no problem for three days after my laser treatments when my skin is at its driest. It looks INCREDIBLE all day long. Sadly, it oxidizes and the shade range is pretty basic. The simple answer is to get a lighter shade but WHO has the time to wait for the foundation to actually turn into your color? Thank u, next

Nyx total control is actually so NICE! I’d had always gone back and forth on whether to try it or not because i had a friend, with oily skin, that had tried it and was not a fan. Now that these pores are little less flooded, it’s quickly becoming a favorite. There are so many shades to chose from as well!! There’s a warning with this one: it stains clothing

Wet and Wild photo finish was a foundation that I already enjoyed and if someone told me that this would be the foundation that does the trick, This would be a much shorter blogpost.   (we’re 371 words in) IT’S JUST SO GOOD AND SO CHEAP. It has such a nice coverage, the finish is a satin, and the shade range is incredible for a drugstore brand!!

With these three, I’m stocked up on foundations for a good while. I will be traveling this month and am excited to see how the Wet and Wild performs on the go! Let me know if your skin type has changed and you did to adjust.


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